humans from alien perspective

Main function of humans is based around one large tube into which animals and plants are inserted. From these animals and plants certain compounds necessary for energy and repair of humans are extracted. What remains of animals is excreted at the oposite side of the tube. Humans are in essence tube systems.

Humans are highly inefficient machines as they require a lot of animals and plants for almost minimal movement speeds and minimal levels of activity. Humans also require a lot of absolute no-activity time for repair. Human nervous system is especially inefficient as it requires enormous amounts of energy to perform most basic activities like physical movement calculations.

Humans operate within time contexts of their planet's rotations around its axis and around the central star. It is not clear weather they are programmed to do so or if they have decided to do so.

Humans are unable or have great difficulty communicating with other intelligent life forms of their planet.

Like most animals and plants on this planet, most basic attitude of humans is aggression and their society is based on constant competition. This is due to constant lack of resources. The tube system must be operational at all times and their energy requirements are disproportionate to the available resources. To correct this error humans resort to systematic destruction of other humans, usually ones which are unable to protect themselves.

Humans have a very short life due to the inefficiency of their tube and energy systems. They are able to survive on average around 73,4 planet rotations around the central star. However if humans were allowed ten or hundred times more time it is questionable if their development and growth would improve. Humans stop learning and growing at an early age and only decline the rest of their lives. If humans need to be turned off it is appropriate to do it after they have lived for sixteen planet revolutions around the central star, as after this age they mostly decline in ability.